Monday, June 28, 2010

A bit of boring backlog

OK!  I finally did it!  I'm 99% packed for the hospital.  Now, I just have to add my camera, laptop, and cell phone to my bag and I'm ready to go.  Y'all should be very proud of me!  :o)  Here is my master packing list:

*Nursing bras and tanks
*Nursing pads
*Outfit to wear home
*ipod with baby-birthing playlist
*Camera (batteries charged, extra memory card, charger)
*Video camera
*Snacks (dried fruit and almonds)
*Notebook and pens (I like to make lists!)
*Toiletries (shampoo/conditioner, soap, facewash, makeup bag, lotion, nail clippers and emory board, razor, comb)
*A couple of extra surprises for Jesse in his blue bag (big brother t-shirt, new book, magnet playsets, coloring books and crayons, present from baby Micah)
*Baby bag (a couple of outfits that Jesse picked out, receiving blankets, little brother onesie, baby care kit, nursing cover)

Ahhhh....(deep sigh of relief)!  Now I can check packing off my list!  Hooray!

Plus, I've been busy checking some other stuff off the list as well (between naps of course)!

1.  Make Jared's Father's Day gift (I have such a fun idea for this, but can't talk about it until after it's finished!)  Pictures and tutorial on it's way!!!
2.  Sew comforter cover for the crib.  
3.  Move furniture into nursery (Jared's job).
4.  Art for nursery walls.
      4a.  Start birth announcement wall hanging.
      4b.  Hang animal print picture.
5.  Buy and start Micah's baby book.
6.  Print out pictures and add to Jesse's adoption book.  (My Mom commissioned a friend to make us this amazing scrap book, and all we have to do is add pictures, captions, and journal entries.  I'll post pictures when it's done.)
7.  Clean the house (difficult when you're on bedrest).
8.  Finish up thank you notes for the people at church who have been so sweet to us during my time on bedrest.
9.  Finish gifts for my Mom, Mother-in-law, and Lizzy (for the lovely shower they threw Micah and me).

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  1. Hey Amy! I just wanted to let you know that you are often in my prayers, despite never having met you. I pray for the safe arrival of little Micah every day and hope you are well!