Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Father's Day Present

Oooo.... It's been a long time since I've posted anything here.  I have been so tired lately, and I'm really ready to have this little baby so I can start feeling like a real person again!  Bed rest continues, as well as meds and monitoring, and not sleeping, and having to pee all night long....  But it will all be worth it when we get to meet our little boy!  We just can't wait!!!

While sitting at the dinner table a couple of weeks ago, Jared made a comment about the adorable shape of Jesse's head.  I thought this was a funny thing to say, but it sparked an idea for a Father's Day present.  And here it is (with a little tutorial in case you want to make one for the Daddy in your life):

1.  Get squirmy 4-year-old boy to hold still for a picture in profile.
There.  That's better.

2.  Assemble your supplies:
     *  Printer with paper
     *  Scissors
     *  Scraps of fabric for the profile (I chose black.) and background (red with polka dots)
     *  Iron-on adhesive (I used HeatnBond Lite)
     *  Frame or cards for the finished product

3.  Print out paper copies of profile, and cut around the profile, keeping all the detail you can intact.  (Micah's picture was a little easier to procure since I already had his profile from an early ultrasound.)
3.  Iron adhesive on silhouette fabric using manufacturer's instructions.
4.  Lay the picture on the adhesive's paper lining and trace around it.  (Right after I traced this, I realized I wanted him to face right, so I retraced the profile the opposite way and didn't get a new picture - sorry!)  Cut out carefully.
5.  Measure the size of your background fabric to fit the frame.  I used the mat as a guide and added an inch around each side.
6.  Lay the silhouette on the background fabric.  Peel off paper backing from iron-on adhesive, and iron on to background fabric using manufacturer's instructions.
7.  Place silhouette in frame or card.  Simple, sweet Father's Day gift - done!  

P.S.  I chose a card for Micah's profile because it was from a very early ultrasound, and I wanted to make a framed version of his profile when he comes out.  Oh!  And Jared just loves that we now have a permanent record of the adorable shape of Jesse's little noggin!  I also got Jared this book and it's absolutely perfect for my geek husband with (soon to be) two fun, curious little boys.  Check it out if you get a chance!

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