Monday, September 17, 2012

A new (to me) dining set

I have been wanting to get a new dining room set for a while.  Our Ikea set has proved very useful and dependable for 10 years, but children, spilled food, and time have not been good to the chairs.  They have become delicate and I'm afraid that one of these days we're going to have someone over for dinner and they'll end up on the floor.  (Not the best thing to happen when you're trying to be a good hostess!!!)  Plus, my style has changed quite a bit.  I really wanted a Danish modern table and chairs to replace our current dining set.  I love the sleek lines and solid construction of Danish modern design (insert dreamy sigh here) but price or timing has always been an issue.  But this weekend I found it!!!  There they were, just sitting there in the corner of the thrift store, covered in some (ahem) interesting maroon, off-white and taupe flowered fabric.  
This is what the chairs looked like at the thrift shop.
Nice, huh? 
And then, I lifted off the chair covers, and saw this!!!!  (I would have sworn that I heard angels sing.)

Jared doesn't have the same love of furniture as I do, but it was such a deal at $151 for the table and 6 chairs, that we couldn't pass it up!!!!  When we got them home...
The first thing I did was remove the seats.  There were only 4 screws holding each seat in place.
Then, I removed the staples holding on the flowered fabric using a flat-headed screwdriver and pliers.  It's last owner just covered over the original fabric.

I was thinking that I'd cover over the seats with vinyl so that all of the messy kid stuff could be wiped off easily, but I really like the original fabric.  :)
A little dingy, but nothing a good cleaning couldn't fix!
My sweet husband shampooed the seat cushions for me.  I scrubbed down the table and chairs with a bit of Murphy's Oil Soap while I waited for the cushions to dry.
Ta da!  Good as new (old)!
And along with the table, it all looks pretty fabulous if I do say so myself!!!!
Finding this table, and seeing it in place, makes me want to make a lot of changes in the house.  I have all of these great projects in mind for making my house feel a bit more homey.  And I just can't wait to get started....after I finish the laundry that piled up this weekend while I was prettying up my table!  :) 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Good bye, Summer. Hello, Fall.

We had such an amazing summer!!!  I am sad to see this season go, but I'm totally looking forward to everything this fall has to offer!  Here's a quick recap of everything you missed while I completely ignored my blog.  (Warning: picture-heavy post!)

An amazing trip to Walt Disney World with my in-laws....
Jesse and Gigi on the boat heading for the Magic Kingdom.
Grandpa, Jesse the skeleton pirate, and Gigi after Jesse's transformation at the Pirate League.
Micah slept through a lot of the trip.  (This was the last week with the pacifier.)
Grandpa, Jesse, and Gigi enjoying dinner at the Primetime Cafe.
Daddy, Micah, Mickey, and Jesse at breakfast at O'Hana.
That's one happy, Mickey-loving boy!
Playing on the awesome playground at Epcot.
Plews are friends, not food.
It was so hot, but the popsicles were a good treat to help cool us down!
They really love each other!
Family shot with Chip and Dale.
The whole gang in front of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom.
Aw!  Brothers!  
Singing in the rain with his Dumbo hat.
Stylish little guys, waiting in line.
Picked tomatoes at a tomato farm with the boys (after the bugs destroyed all of our plants...ugh!), and made our own sauce and tomato soup....

Tomato snack
By the end, Micah was covered, head-to-toe in tomato juice and seeds.

Took a bunch of trips to the pool, Savannah, and playgrounds....
Jesse loved snacks by the pool...
and so did Micah.

Lunch by the pool with our sweet friend, Sadie
Chilling in the bee hive at Savannah Bee Company.
Chilling in Savannah's City Market
Riding with Mickey on a horse, while Jesse was at VBS.
Threw Micah a Cars/Kiddie Pool 2nd birthday party....
Lots of splashing...
and sliding....
and more splashing!

We made lots of cake pops for this little guy!

Lots of playing and relaxing......

Backyard picnics 
Chilling on the slip-and-slide
Bear and Tutter from the Big Blue Hose

My super heroes!
Crusin' in the Jeep 
Journaling a parenting fail
Playing pirates 
Making Backson masks.  If you haven't seen Winnie the Pooh, you should!  It's adorable!
Piggy Pirates!
Lemonade Stand - Sweet and Sour.
A crazy, 19-hour-each-way trip to Chicago to see my cousin get married, with a stop in Indiana on the way home to see all the in-laws......

Breakfast outside at the hotel with my Mom, sisters, and our kids.
Splashing in the pool.  Not everyone was happy about this.
Me, Micah, Megan, Sadie, Jeff, Joel, Jesse, Robin, and Judah in my Aunt and Uncle's backyard before the rehearsal dinner.
The happy couple at the rehearsal dinner.  (((I wish I had gotten a picture of them at the wedding!)))
All dressed up for the reception.
Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe with our cousins.
Jesse and a turkey egg from Grandpa's turkey, Pete.
Picking watermelon from Grandpa's garden.
Gathering eggs from Grandpa's chicken coup.
Joni, Great Gigi, and Jake
Haley, Micah, and Jesse climbing at the Commons.
I'm crazy about this kid!
My goodness!  I just love that boy! 
Jesse, Haley, and Micah at the kid's table at Zaharakos (They are ADORABLE,  if I do say so myself!)
The Second cousins....Haley, Jesse, Micah, and Jake, with Aunt Dana
Picking apples at Anderson's Orchard
Apples are so good!!!
Checking out Grandpa's tractor
Jesse driving the tractor with Grandpa
Micah's turn to drive the tractor
Checking out Grandpa's "Lightning McQueen".
So that was our summer in a nut shell.  I just love that we got to spend time with our family and friends, and now that school is in full swing for Jesse,  my heart is overflowing with thankfulness that he likes school so far this year.  I know it's only been 2 weeks, but already, there is something different about that kid.  He wants to tell me what he did, and just gushes about how awesome his teacher is.  SO THANKFUL!

His first day of FIRST GRADE!!!!
Walking to school
Jesse and his teacher, Mrs. Howell.
Micah was really upset to leave Jesse at school!!!
I can't wait to see what the fall brings!!!  I hope y'all had a great summer, too!