Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Wonderful Day

I have been stuck inside for almost 3 weeks now on bedrest.  My hospital room had a window, but 3/4 of the window was covered by an air conditioning unit, only allowing me to see a tiny patch of sky.  And although my house has tons of windows, I still feel like I haven't seen the sun in forever!  Now this might not seem bad to you, but I love being outdoors in the spring and summer - working in my garden, kayaking in the river, taking Jesse to the pool or beach, picking strawberries for jam, and riding bikes down to the "historic" part of town to go to the farmer's market or occasional festival.  (I'll be doing all of those things next year, by the way!!!)  So, in order to keep me from going completely crazy from cabin fever, I went outside today!  Don't worry!  I sat very still with my pelvis tilted back so that I could still rest, and I only stayed out for half an hour....and it was nothing short of glorious to bask in the sun and watch my adorable 4-year-old play in his new "gingeraffe" kiddie pool that he received for his birthday from his Grandpa and Gigi.
Then Jared came outside with two packages.  One box was for Jesse, and it contained two books - Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, and Leonardo the Terrible Monster (belated birthday presents from Aunt Megan and Uncle Justin).  He was so ecstatic, that we had to read them right away while he sat in his pool.

And to make the day even better, the other package was for me!!!  My mother-in-law, Jean (otherwise know as Gigi), sent me a book I have been wanting VERY BADLY since its release a couple of weeks ago, Anna Maria Horner's newest book, Handmade Beginnings : 24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby.  
I REALLY wanted this book, but since funds are super tight, I felt so guilty buying it.  I have entered every giveaway available to win it (see below for more chances to win), but have been unlucky thus far....until today!!!  (Thanks Jean!!!  You made my day!!!)

Blog Giveaways for Anna Maria Horner's New Book:
May 16    The Purl Bee
May 18    All Buttoned Up
May 20    Homemade by Jill
May 21    True Up
May 22    Oh, Fransson!
May 23    Prudent Baby
May 24    Sew Liberated
May 25    Handmade by Alissa
May 26    Hazelnuts
May 27    Petite Purls

Giveaways.  Sunshine.  Kiddie pool.  New books.  Micah staying put for another day.  What a wonderful day!!!!

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