Thursday, May 13, 2010


Bedrest continues! I spend a lot of time combing through blogs to find fun crafty ideas for when I'm able to sit at my sewing machine for long periods of time. The other day I came across this fun contest from the Brooklyn General Store. They have put together the most adorable knit tree window display, and requested handmade squirrels to inhabit it. I couldn't resist making a needle-felted squirrel to add to their other furry friends. I shipped him out today, and I can't wait to see all of the other entries! Oh...and fingers crossed...I really want to win, too!
(This sweet chunky squirrel loves him some acorns!)


  1. Amy, that's a really difficult color to felt because it is so hairy and not wooly. You did an amazing job! Does this little guy have a name?

  2. I didn't name him yet. I was hoping Jesse would give him a name, but he wasn't interested. He just wanted to pull the acorn out of the squirrels arms! :o) He's such a boy!!!

  3. So beyond adorable. His eyes are perfect. And I love how he's holding that acorn like he really loves it. As far a name goes, I nominate Albert McNut.