Thursday, May 17, 2012

May the "fort" be with you

We love to celebrate birthdays at our house!  We put up streamers and balloons to celebrate the big day.  Then we open up presents while eating a special breakfast on a "Celebrate" plate.

Happy birthday boy!
This is Jesse rocking out to a Star Wars musical card.
Micah was also impressed.
He got a lot of really great presents, including...
Star Wars Legos,  
a make-your-own Muppet kit, 
and even a new big boy bike!
And check this out!  My awesome little sister, Robin, made him a Star Wars themed fort kit. (You can read her blog here.)  She thought of all the coolest details to make it a super-special present for my super-special 6 year-old!!!!
She used freezer paper stencils for the words on the bag,
and added instructions,
and stuffed the bag full of snacks and supplies (Star Wars sheets, rope, clothespins, mini light saber) for fort-making.
Such clever labels on the snacks!
The flashlight reads, "A light, so you never have to join the dark side."
He just love it!  Thanks, Robin!!!!

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  1. I'm so glad Jesse liked his present. It looks like he had a very happy birthday. But I think my favorite part is Micah's unimpressed face. I just love your boys!!