Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I love my little garden!  So far, the peas aren't doing so well, thanks to a bunch of slugs and aphids.  (They also devoured Jesse's flower garden.  We have since planted new seeds, and they're doing well - poppies, nasturtiums, and more giant sunflowers, as well as his snap dragon.)  I was desperate to save my cucumbers and tomatoes, so I have to admit that I caved and used traditional vegetable pesticides.  After I did it, I stopped by the Bluffton Farmers' Market and found our "gardening expert" who gave me a huge list of ways to get rid of pests without spraying them with chemicals. time....

One of the 6 cucumber plants
I have never planted tomatoes from seeds, and so far, I'm so pleased with their progress!
18 tomatoes and 6 cukes!
We got our first "harvest" of peas this week - 3 whole pea pods!
Jess was so excited to pick his peas
Proud gardener
This is how he washes off his peas.  Isn't this how you do it?
I am dreaming about the vegetable goodness that will soon be blooming in our backyard!  But, I am also savoring the little moments we can stop and rest, discussing how the plants grow and how God made all plants different, what we can do to help them grow, and just plain sitting and enjoying each other's company...  Because I know all too well, that my garden is not the only thing growing...

Jess and I
Sharing a pea pod with his little brother 
I am so thankful for these little moments with my boys!  Hopefully, I'm fostering a love for gardening, and the Creator who allows all things to grow.

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  1. No wonder my plants always die. I just need a water gun!