Monday, March 12, 2012

"The Pig Bald Grandpa Wouldn't Let me Buy"

Last summer we went to the Bargersville Flea Market while we were visiting my husband's family in Indiana.  They have lots of fun booths full of junk and treasures to comb through, but by far, our favorite booths are the ones selling animals.  They usually have chickens, rabbits, and kittens, but this particular time someone was selling piglets!  Jesse and I were equally smitten. 

Sweet little piglets!

Jesse asked if he could buy a piglet and Gigi told him to ask Bald Grandpa.  Bald Grandpa was a few booths behind us, so Jesse ran full-speed to ask for the money to buy his new pet.
"Bald Grandpa, can I have fifty bucks?" asked Jesse.
Bald Grandpa reached into his wallet and gave Jesse the money then asked, "What are you going to buy?"
"A BABY PIG!!!!" he called out over his shoulder as he ran off, money in hand, back towards the pigs.

We all got a good laugh, but Jesse was a bit disappointed when he found out he really couldn't buy his piglet.  We did get to pet one for a while, though and that made Jesse happy.  He never mentioned the pig again, until one day, months later, he drew a picture of Bald Grandpa with the piglet he had wanted so badly.  I loved it so much, and I knew the Grandparents would love it too, so I turned his drawing into an embroidery project, framed it, and gave it to Bald Grandpa for Christmas.
(Please forgive the quality of this photo. My computer wouldn't let me adjust it.)
 And I wrote this on the back (in Jesse's own words), so we can all remember the pet that almost was....


  1. Adorable...and hilarious. I especially love the description. Give that kid a squeeze from me.