Thursday, March 8, 2012


Sometimes it's hard to be a Mommy.

I got the awesome opportunity to go Jesse's class for "Bring Your Parents to School Day."  I loved watching all of the awesome things his teacher, Ms. Gump, does with him and the rest of the class, and was thoroughly impressed with the amount of things a Kindergartener can do. Jesse, however, is always 2 steps behind most of his peers.  I know it's not fair to compare him to other kids, because that boy is one in a billion, but I was really concerned with his lack of attention.  No one wants to see their kid struggle!  My initial reaction is almost always an over-reaction when it comes to Jesse.  I guess it's because I'm super protective of him.  I know his history, and I want to make his future amazing.  So, I did what any crazy concerned parent would do, I emailed his teacher to ask what I can do to help Jesse along.  And then his teacher called me.  I just love her (a million times over).  And after a bit of discussion, she reassured me that, for a boy in Kindergarten, he is super smart and not behind his peers.  She admitted that he might have some problems processing, but it's really too soon to tell, and since he doesn't seem to even notice he's distracted, it's not like his self esteem is taking a hit.

Deep breath.

Any way you slice it, I just love that boy!  So, if nothing else, really watching Jesse at school sparked a conversation with Jared, and we've decided that we really need to be proactive with playing up Jesse's strengths, namely music.  So last night at dinner, we asked Jesse what instrument he'd like to play, and the conversation went like this....

Me - Jesse, Daddy and I were talking and we'd like to know if you'd like to take lessons for an instrument.
Jesse - Mommy, I already play the microphone.
Me - You're right, but how about another instrument, like the piano, or drums, or guitar....
Jesse - The guitar!  (Leans over towards his Daddy, and whispers....) Do girls like that?
Me - Why do you care if girls like that?!
Jesse - I don't know, but they do like that, don't they Daddy?

He is my hilarious little boy!

And sometimes it's great to be a Mommy!


  1. I currently have a student in my office taking an exam, and I may have bruised a rib holding in my laughter. Gosh, I love that little boy. I love that he already plays the microphone. And yes, Jesse. Girls do like boys who play guitars. It's a proven scientific fact.

  2. Looks like you don't have to worry about that kid's future, Amy- he has it all figured out. He is so funny! Love that kid :)

  3. I just hope he doesn't repeat his dad(and his dad's entire band's) performance of playing their instruments naked!

  4. His teacher's name alone makes me sweet.