Tuesday, March 20, 2012

gardening with the boys, part 3 (seed-starting pot tutorial)

In order to start our plethora of tomato seeds, I needed little pots or seed starting trays.  Everything around here is so ridiculously expensive (and I'm cheap) so I started looking for alternatives.  I saw this adorable little gadget that helps you make pots out of newspaper.  But you don't need that little gadget!  You can make your own newspaper pots!  They're biodegradable and free.  You can't get much better than that!  Here's how....

1.  Put a shoe on the good foot, a slipper on the casted foot, and park on the step so you can play with mulch.
2.  Continue to play with mulch.
3.  Try to wrestle the jar away from Mommy when she's trying to use it.

4.  Use really cute face to try to get my way, but eventually give up and go back to mulch.
OK....really....back to business.  All you need is newspaper and a pint mason jar.

Tear newspaper into a single, half sheet, and fold in half lengthwise.  
Lay the jar on the folded edge, and roll up.
Flip the jar so the jar sticks out of the bottom.
Fold in the excess paper where the paper ends first.
Fold down another third. 
Fold down the last third.  (Notice the boy has lost interest in mulch again.)
Tuck the last fold under the other folds.

Turn the cup over and remove the jar.
Fold in upper edge so the top doesn't unravel.
Ta-da!  Seed-starting cup!  Add your potting mix and plant seeds as directed on the seed package.
I put all my seed cups in a heavy-duty cardboard box so I can bring them inside if they get cold.  
I hope this helps other frugal gardeners out there!  Happy planting, y'all!


  1. I pinned this. Such a great idea, Amy! Can't wait to see the fruits of your labor :)

    1. Thanks, Megan! I'll post pics of my sprouts soon. I know you're dying to see them! ;)

  2. What a great idea, Amy! I wish I was as on top of it as you are!

    1. Hahaha! Anne, this is the first time in my adult life I'm on top of this gardening thing....and I'm behind in just about everything else. :)

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