Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally finished!

I started making the cutest quilt for Micah a couple of weeks before he was born, using this tutorial.  I was so excited to make something for my little man using the awesome 30's reproduction fabric my Mom got me from here, but I could only work on it for a couple minutes at a time because of the whole bed rest thing.  And then, baby came, and we had doctors appointments, and I went back to work, and I Jesse needed a lot of time with Mommy...and no crafting of any sort happened around here for a loooooong time!
1-month-old, casted Micah on his unfinished quilt top
So it sat around in my "to finish" bin for over a year.  And then, after a trip home to NJ, and some help from my very crafty Mom, and sister, I finally finished Micah's baby quilt.  WOO HOO!
Pinning the quilt top to the batting and back

And here it is!
Jess likes it too
such a sweet boy!


  1. Awesome! I wish you would have included a picture of the back of it too. I love how you did the back!

  2. Hooray!! Nicely done, Amy. I love this quilt. You've inspired me--maybe I'll work on Judah's quilt today, too.