Saturday, February 12, 2011

A pig roast

Last weekend, 32 adults and 5 kids from BFG huddled together in my little house to enjoy all things "Super Bowl."    But, after having so many people here, Jared informed me that he will never invite so many again, and we both agreed that we can comfortably fit 10 tops!  There was a lot of super yummy food, though, and I got to meet a lot of great people from Jared's work.  But the highlight of the night, was the roast pig!  Jared, Ryan, and Jonathan did a great job cooking the little oinker, and I was only slightly put- off by the hooves, snout, and eyeballs (BLECK!)  (((WARNING!  Gross pig photos ahead.....)))

Here is the coffin ( it was delivered in.
This is what a 32-pound pig looks like

Ryan and Jared putting the piggy on the grill.

He's all smiles now.

 Cooked to perfection.

Ryan carving the pig.

And Avery enjoying a pig hoof.  

I hope you had a happy Super Bowl weekend, too!


  1. Wow...that is thoroughly disturbing. It also brings back memories of the glory days at Delanco when we'd have pig roast luaus. Good times.

  2. I also find it disturbing and that is the smallest pig I have ever seen. Essentially, someone killed a piglet.