Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

One of my goals this year is to be very intentional about celebrating holidays, especially since last year I missed a lot being exhausted/pregnant/bed-rested.  I have a lot of catching up to do with Jesse.  Last year we didn't even send out cheap little paper valentines to Jesse's school friends.  So, this year I wanted to do something fun with Jesse...and here is our Valentine's Day project.
First, we made some yummy chocolate pops using Wilton Valentine Mega Candy Kit Pack.  So easy and so yummy!  Jesse loved pouring the chocolate into the molds.
Then, we had a Valentine's photo shoot with my cuties.
 My sister, Robin, made me this adorable heart pendant banner for Christmas this year.  Isn't she amazing?!
 I cannot get enough of these kids!
Add one energetic 4 year-old to....
Jared's awesome Photoshopping skills.... 
and a chocolate lolly, and you've got one sweet Valentine's Day card for Jesse's class!
Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!


  1. What adorable children and a wonderfully talented husband you have! Happy Valentine's Day, little Plew family!!!

  2. Wow. I love what you guys did with the picture and the lollies. Nicely done! Your boys are way too adorable. And I'm glad the banner is being put to good use. :o)