Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello, my name is Amy, and I'm an addict.

I have known for a long time that I am an addict, and there is no end in sight to the controlling nature of this addiction...

No, silly, it's not a vice (at least not in my eyes)'s fabric!  And even though my fabric stash extends far beyond my crafty endeavors at this point in my life, I cannot stop looking for it, buying it, and oogling over it.  I dream about it at night, think about what I'm going to make with it when I'm at work, and spend hours online trying to find the best patterns.  I am in love with the fabric designs available now from Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt, and Chloe's Closet, to name a few!  I cannot get enough of vintage fabrics either!  Every time I walk into a thrift store, I cannot consider it a fruitful visit unless I walk out with an armful of old fabric.
Oh!  How I do love the warm hues, lovely textures, and ingenious thought that goes into fabric design and execution!  It must be so cool for these designers to spend their time dreaming up beautiful patterns and actually seeing them used by crafters all over the world to create their own works of art.  I am in awe!  Check out a few of my favorite online fabric shops:

Happy crafting!!!

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  1. So lovely, Amy. And thanks for the links. I can never remember them when I'm looking for fabric. It is all a little overwhelming to me. There are just so many choices and so little money/storage space! :o)