Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a new year...just a little late

OKAY.  I know that it is 21 days into the new year, but I've been running just a little late for everything lately.  Thus I think that this post is more than fitting for my recent state of mind/life. {smile and sigh} I have been thinking and puzzling things over in my head regarding the start of a brand new year.  So many things have changed in my little world and I am enjoying them!!!  My adorable new (soon-to-be-officially-ours) son is the most amazing change in my life.  He is both a blessing and a challenge! (Why does he feel the need to rip books, lick counter tops and shopping carts, and pull the pee guard off his potty seat, sending a yellow liquid trajectory all over my clean pants ?) {another giant smile}

Which brings me to the real reason for this post - my promises to myself for this new year! (otherwise known as resolutions...but I really dislike that always makes me want to quit before I get started...)

1.  I will spend more time laughing and less time getting frustrated.  (This includes pee on my pants that I didn't put there.)  I will let go of having an immaculately clean house, perfectly folded laundry, and a tidy craft room.
{my embarrassingly messy craft room}

2.  I will be more conscious and conscientious in my daily life.  This includes taking some important stuff seriously -  reading my Bible and praying, investing in friendships, playing more and fretting less, and getting healthy.

3.  I will make something every day.  I get in funks where it's hard for me to be crafty, even though I love creating.  This year, I want to have a pile of goodies on hand to give away and sell.
{happy craftiness}

I hope this new year finds you well, and with a whole new perspective on your life, too.  Happy (21 days into) 2009!  

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