Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am in love!

Since the first day I met him, I knew that Jesse would be a great addition to our family, but I never thought that I could love him this much!  He has made an undeniable impression on every life he and his story touches.  He is curious and smart with the most amazing facial expressions, and I feel blessed to be his Mommy.  He is the funniest thing I ever met, and I wanted to share some of his Jesse-isms with you.

*  Tylenol is "tiny lol."

*  Chocolate pudding is "chocolate penguin."

*  When he meets new people he says, "Glad to meet you," in his sweet squeaky voice, and shakes your hand.

*  When I asked him where God lives, he stated, "In a castle."

*  A couple of weeks after visiting with my family for the first time, Jesse was in the bathtub playing with a fishing game, when he grabbed up a green fish, held it tight to his chest and stated, "I just love Robin!!!"  (my little sister)

*  My mother-in-law told Jesse that we were going to hike when we go camping.  He grabbed my hand and said, "Mommy, let's close eyes and pretend we hike through Disney World." (his current obsession)

*  Jesse held onto this little heart-shaped rock for weeks after he found it on a nature walk.

*  He hates ice cream because it's "too cold."

*  If we're ever outside after dark he always warns us saying, "Watch out for the lions!"

*  He called us "Mommy" and "Daddy" from the day we got him.

I hope that you have a little love in your life, too, that makes you smile and brightens your day!

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  1. - and hes obsessed with the word mushroom and renames neighboors doggies!!! :)